Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Nuevo Emulador 2014 REDACTED 0.6 BETA

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Nuevo Emulador 2014 REDACTED 0.6 BETA

Mensaje  *SNK*||CX|| el Dom Abr 27, 2014 6:03 pm



Necesitan el juego base Call.Of.Duty:Black.Ops.2


Descargar DLC's extrear y copiar en la carpeta raiz

Яevolution DLC1



Upяising DLC2


pass: no tiene password

Vengєance DLC3



Apocalypsє DLC4 (este dlc aun no funciona, pero en futuros updates ya estará habilitado)



Descargar el cliente beta 0.6 extraer y copiar en la carpeta raiz remplazar archivos


Registrarse en esta pagina crear un usuario


Te llegará a tu correo un link de confirmación (a veces aparece en Spam o Correo no deseado)

Una vez que han instalado todo en ese mismo orden, entonces solo queda ejecutar t6mp.exe como administrador

Redacted  actualiza su cliente cada cierto tiempo, asi que hay que visitar la pagina para estar al tanto de los cambios y descargar nuevas versiones.

actualmente en su face beta 0.6 el cliente Redacted promete dar soporte al dlc 4 Apocalyps futuros updated

Redacted - Closed-beta build changelog - Features are added as I go
Version 0.78 Beta

   Fixed all camos pre DLC4.
   Added a dvar for borderless windows.
   Changed the way LAN mode works.
   Reduced loading time for offline mode.
   Fixed a bug where offline mode would try to connect to the server.
   Basic support for custom cammos.
   Fixed stats saving for offline mode.
   Changed the menu background.

Version 0.75 Beta

   Tserv rewritten for performance and security fixes.
   Offline mode added.
   A lot of string changes.
   SSL Implemented, for her pleasure.
   Statsaving moved serverside.

Version 0.73 Beta

   Changed the windowclass to look better.
   Custom DVAR support implemented.
   Bots clan names changed.
   Masterserver updated to reduce load.
   Matchmaking algorithm for better results implemented.
   API is improved.
   Basic host rating system added to filter out bad/abusive hosts.

Version 0.7 Beta

   Rewrote the client, should be easier to maintain.
   New command: List . Dumps all names of selected type.
   New command: SpawnBots . Spawns X number of bots. WIP.
   New command: Lookup . Prints information related to the DVAR.
   New command: SudoSet. Unprotects all DVARS. Not sure if it will be released.
   New console output, prints what the popups say. Mostly for "Usage : x" messages.
   Tilde (~) now moves the external console on top of the gamewindow.
   Menu strings updated so as to not confuse users.
   Proper fix for not joining bad hosts implemented.
   Removed the time limit between invites.
   Lua can now load files from a /LUI/ directory.
   Exception filter updated. Minidumps for everyone.
   LAN serverlist changed to public lobbies until matchmaking is fixed.
   Online counter updated to be more accurate.

Redacted - Public build changelog

Version 0.6 Beta

Latest update.

   Fixed the crash at mainmenu that happened for some.
   Added an updater because 50% of the clients were running an old version 2 days after release.
   Unprotected the CG_FOV DVAR.
   Fixed an issue where clients would try to join closed lobbies after host migration.
   Added a command to spawn bots in your lobby. SPAWNBOTS [Count:Integer].
   Reworked the playlist to make it easier to navigate.
   Reworked a function that would crash the game for some.
   Reworked the stats storage system.
   Fixed the player counter in main lobby.
   Basic LAN support implemented.
   Renamed the bots.
   Added a proper exception filter with minidumps.
   Support for steamoverlay implemented.

Version 0.5 Beta

   Large part of the matchmaking system rewritten.
   Added support for non-English locales.
   Steam_api now sends heartbeats to ensure matchmaking quality.

Version 0.45 Beta

   Improved matchmaking speed.
   DLC checks updated.
   Removed some debug output.

Version 0.43 Beta

   Removed DLC4 since it broke matchmaking for some.
   Friends list is partially implemented.
   Added support for forum accounts.
   Removed guest account support.

Version 0.4 Beta

   Improved stability and rewrote part of the master.
   Support for all 4 DLC packs added.
   Polished up for public release.

Version 0.3 Alpha

   Matchmaking is now implemented.
   Basic support for dedicated servers added.

Version 0.2

   Tserv.dll created to wrap client<->master communication.
   We now have bots working.


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